International trade fair highlights Djibouti’s role in regional trade

With the aim of strengthening the role of Djibouti in the regional trade, the 110 years old Chamber of Commerce of Djibouti hosted ‘Djibouti the gateway to Africa’, its first international trade fair.

The trade fair has attracted international businesses from across the world, including from Canada, Yemen, Kenya, United Arab Emirates, Uganda and Ethiopia among others.

In addition a delegation of business from Japan with 52 members is also participated. The event has brought together suppliers, customers and service providers in Djibouti and its sub-region and all their partners around the world.

Through the trade fair Djibouti has promoted its commercial position in the region that enables the country to be a supply and redistribution platform of regional trade. During the week-long event the country has also promoted its promising businesses for investors such as transport, ports, free zones and banks, among others.

Djibouti enjoys economic and financial stability, with an average GDP growth rate of 6%. A sustained growth reflecting the strength and dynamism of its economy, driven mainly by the services sector, to almost 75%, and which is beginning to diversify, especially through the inflow of foreign direct investment, according to…

By: newbusinessethiopia